The Pink Slip

If I ever wrote a book about church, I believe one of the chapters would be centered around the idea of how we need to fire every pastor, including me, and start all over! I think at times we as Pastors have forgotten why we are called, “to reach the lost for Jesus.” We think we are pastors to write good sermons, to visit sick people, to solve petty issues of floor color and musical styles. Maybe we have no idea why we are pastors? Which is why we should all be fired or quit and go from there. I once read, or heard, can’t remember which now, that James White’s philosophy (one of the founders of the Seventh-day Adventist church) on hiring ministers was that an individual would first have to show that they could raise up a church that could sustain them in ministry, and then the denomination would hire these individuals. I love this idea! It would force us as pastors to REACH the lost! I love this idea so much that when I was nearing the end of graduate school at Andrews University in Berrien Springs, MI., I suggested the idea to my wife Christina. I asked her what she would think of us choosing a place to live based on the need for a church to be planted and availability for her to have a job. Then we would raise-up, through God’s power, a church. And once it was established we would then see if the local Seventh-day Adventist conference was interested in coming along side and partnering with us. Since at the time I had a conference that was already ready to pay me to pastor, and she had just supported me through graduate school, the idea didn’t sit so well with her 🙂 (I still present it every now and then and I think she is softening to it). I still love the idea, not because I want to quit my job or because I don’t like to get paid for what I do. I like the idea because I would then be reminded daily of why I am a pastor, to reach the lost for Jesus Christ. I pray that I don’t ever forget that is my reason for being a pastor and if I do forget, someone please fire me!!!!

  • Ryan

    Chad I have to tell you that i have been blessed by the leadership the God has been doing through you since He brought you to our church. Our family has grown and continues to grow because God has given you a vision and you have taken Him at His word and moved forward. Your humility and courage have been an inspiration to me. I pray that God continues to bless you and your family as you follow God’s calling in your life to lead people towards Him. Thank the Lord for your willingness to be a Christ-like leader

  • Bravo Chad – you have hit the nail on the head. We too often do stuff out of requirement etc., etc. and it eventually becomes the norm. Instead we should focus on the important (and limit that as well) and the rest will fall into place. God has big things in store for you as long ans you and Christina are on the same page – totally focused on Him and His will for you. Make sure it is something you are together on, please learn from my mistakes! Love you man, keep up the great work of bringing more people face to face with their maker!

  • Rosie O’Dell

    Well put. I thought that’s where we were headed after last year’s Radicalis.

  • Chad Stuart

    Thanks Ryan for the kind words! God is good and gracious! Oi Neil, love you brother keep praying for us and that we journey on God’s mission not our own!Rosie, the above is a mindset so even we’re still getting paid we can move in this direction of reaching lost people for Jesus

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