Faster Pastor Episode # 7: “Is Christmas Compatible with Christ?”

Join David Asscherick, Albert Handal, Dr. John Reeve, & myself for our latest Faster Pastor episode. We talk about Christmas, we get into Sunday worship a little, and the overall need we have to put witnessing for Jesus as primary in discussions like this! Be blessed.

  • Enjoyed it. Thanks guys, and Merry Christmas! 😉

  • Colin Hone

    Our Sda Church and School put on an event every year for XMAS – called Road to Bethlehem . There is drama scenes and street scenes and stalls and Roman soldiers etc . 100’s are involved in this event . 3000 to 4000 people per year come to hear the true story of Xmas . Many send there kids to the school because of this 🙂

  • Manny Vela

    this was a great discussion! the combo of David, Chad, and Albert is something else, and adding Professor Reeve…excellent!

  • Teresa VanWart

    Great discussion! I was of course intrigued by the topic since Christmas 2013 is upon us, and in response many of our churches ‘celebrate’. I just preached a sermon entitled, “The Drummer’s Gift”, which echoes Sister White’s stance of not denying the giving of gifts (AH 479-80), but in the right context and reflection on the greatest gift of all. By the way, I just have to ask…why is a female perspective not invited to weigh in for Lightbearers’ videos or these forums?…just wondering. 🙂

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