Blogging the Bible Day 131, 138, & 145: Job 37-42

I decided to finish off the book of Job tonight. Since chapters 38-41 are all of a similar theme, God’s response.

I love God’s response to all the questions of “why?” in the book of Job. His answer, “you have spoken without understanding.” Then God delivers a laundry list of natures attributes that demonstrate His power and wonder. It is almost in a much probably firmer way than we are used to or we would like for God to speak to us, but to me I almost hear God saying, “You just have to trust me! Look at everything in nature, trust me I can handle your world!”

Three points that struck me in the last few verses of the final chapter:

  1. Even though Job’s friends were very unsupportive during his crisis, he still prayed to God on their behalf and they were protected and blessed due to Job’s ministry unto them, even though they had encouraged Job just to give-up and die when he was in struggle.
  2. Job left an inheritance to his daughters (Job 42:15). I don’t believe this verse is in there by accident. I believe it illustrates the abundant fairness of Job. Not due to him being just a good dad, but because he was righteous.
  3. Job 42:17 = “And Job died, an old man and full of days.” The book ends with reality though. Even though Job’s health was restored and the rest of his life was a blessing, he at the end of it all still died. We all will have the same fate if the world lasts long enough. Death will eventually meet us all…and we like Job, because we are powerless against death, must trust in the God described in chapters 38 through 41. We must trust He who makes the dawn, He who stops the waves, He who does not fear the javelin, it is He who also gave us victory over the grave through His life, death, and resurrection.

Next Reading: Jeremiah 32-36

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