Blogging the Bible Day 97: Jeremiah 7-11

In each of these chapters God reminds the people, He’s appealed, just like He did to their ancestors and they have rejected, just like their ancestors did and thus destruction comes.

It is the truth we must all be reminded of. God as He describes it a couple times in this reading, “rose early in the morning” to speak truth and to guide them. The early in the morning means that God has gone before them, yet they have not listened. The truth is God has done the work humanity does not respond.

And then the call goes out in a question,

“Is there no balm in Gilead?” -Jeremiah 8:22a

God was trying to tell them there was He was trying to give them the answer but they would not listen.

Hopefully we will…


Tomorrow’s Reading: Mark 7 & 8

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