Blogging the Bible Days 163 & 170: Leviticus 1-6

The book of Leviticus is challenging and these first few chapters all full of blood and food being offered as sacrifice. Since it is challenging I went to a commentary to get some insights and I wanted to share those with you here.

The first thing I learned is that the chronological framework from the book of Leviticus, actually only occupies ONE MONTH in the Sinai Desert. So if this book isn’t really a book that relates a story or history as Genesis, Exodus, & Numbers do then why is it here in the Pentateuch? The focus of this the middle book of the five books of Moses (the Pentateuch) “is on the way God’s people are to interact with divine holiness, in worship and other aspects of life.”

And then beginning in chapter one and carrying through all the way through chapter 6 Moses jumps straight into what seems to be the heart of their worship experience, sacrifice!

We see in these six chapters that God is very specific about what true worship is and isn’t and that all the functions of worship are dictated by His inspired Word.

Realizing these truths something struck me as I read.

Moses in this book, that is a book about worship, about how to relate to Holiness in worship and life, the immediate inspiration he received was to write about sacrifice as the first element of worship. In our modern day and age worship is not defined by most of us…let’s be honest when we choose churches to go and worship at, most of us are not asking the question, “what would God like me to sacrifice to Him as a symbol of my love and loyalty?” Most of us are asking, “What can this church do for me?” “Is the music a music I will like?” “Did I think the preacher was funny or interesting?” “Well I don’t really care for the church but the children’s programs are great so I will stick with this church for the sake of my kids, but once they’re older I am moving on.” Wow. It seems almost none of our questions are about sacrifice.

Also, I would say is what is important to us in worship more about what we like or more about what has been dictated to us by God?

Tough questions. If we’re honest maybe questions that would convict us to reexamine why and how we worship.

Next Reading: 1 Kings 10-18 (164-171)

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