Flee the Tiger

So a few months ago in another post I was somewhat criical about our Adventist Publishing companies not being up to date on the ebook side of things. I then had to send out a little plug to Pacific Press for being more on the ball than I realized.

And while I am appreciative of Pacific Press and their ebook site, I’ve still been asking for more, yet while asking I recently found out that right under my very nose, a member of my church in fact has a self-published ebook.

So I decided with all my previous criticisms about us not promoting the things we as Adventists do have out there well, the least I could do is to make y’all aware of Kay Rizzo’s new book Flee the Tiger which is available for you to buy at Amazon as an ebook right now, for all you ebook folk.

Now a little disclaimer, I haven’t read this book personally, but I still wanted to make y’all aware of it.  So head to Amazon if you are into this type of literature and happy reading!

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