Lukewarm Church Attendance

This post isn’t about people not attending church, it is about the attitude in which they attend church. Why am I thinking about this topic today? Because of a statement that was made to me yesterday–

An individual that attends both our established church and our church plant came up to me and said, “I think you do a better job preaching at The Ark (the church plant). You seem more relaxed.”

Now I have also noticed that I do seem to maybe flow a little better at “The Ark” but I’ve always looked at if from the perspective of, “well I’m preaching the message for the third time that day, it should be better.” But his next statement struck me…

“I think its because you know that everyone WANTS to be here, so there isn’t the critical spirit accompanying them, they just want to be here and learn.”

As I am sitting here on Sunday I am thinking about that statement & realizing there may be more truth to it than I’d like to admit.

Do people still (they did back in the day b/c it was the community connecting point) come to church for any other reason than want?

Is it guilt?

Is it societal expectation?

Is it habit?

Is it a social gathering?

Is it entertainment?

Is it an emotional response?

Is it family pressure?

Is it because the pastor has harrassed enough?

Is it because “this is just what we do?”

If it is anything other than a desire to deeply connect with God, and I am speaking here of those who claim to be Christians not guests or explorers of faith, if it is anything other than a desire to engage with the almighty is that satisfactory worship?

I think of the text in Revelation 3

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