Random Thoughts on Facebook

Here are some random thoughts on Facebook, why I love it, and why I hate it! 

Let us start with the LOVE list:

  • There are friends I have connected with on Facebook that I had lost contact with years ago, and while our contact is not extensive it is nice to have knowledge of their life and to share with them a ‘bit of my life.
  • A great resource to share church information and to connect with folk interested in the same groups or communities!
  • I love being able to easily invite folk to events that are happening for our church or for social occasions.
  • It is awesome when prayer is needed and their is a request made and you see the firestorm reaction.
  • More people read my blog, “Outside the Pulpit” from Facebook than from any other avenue.
  • I like being able to congratulate folk on big milestones and achievements in their lives.
  • Having access to information like THIS so that I can join the cause!
  • Seeing pictures of my kids that my little sister takes all the time. I feel like Christina and I don’t need to worry about storing memories, since Erin does that for us:)

Okay now things I hate about Facebook:

  • That awkwardness I feel when someone asks me to be a friend on Facebook and I have NO IDEA who they are! 
  • That it sucks up WAY TOO MUCH OF MY TIME!
  • The farm things and all the little give away non-sense people link me too…hmmmmm (clearing throat) “MOM”
  • That there are reports of Facebook being listed as a cause in 1 of 5 divorces, which is something in the past I would have laughed at, except for I know two couples that are divorced or getting divorced in part because of Facebook liason connections.
  • That I see things on Facebook that I wish I didn’t know about…have actually had to block some folk because the stuff that is put up on their page just makes me sad.
  • That is used as a gossip and back biting forum…only the gossip is not just to one person, but to 1000’s! 

What about you?  Do you love or hate Facebook?


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