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October’s Top Posts:

Here are the top ten for the month of October. If you haven’t read/watched have a look now. Be blessed and share with a friend!

  1. Faster Pastor Episode #2 Unity in Diversity with a full month to run and the little pick-up from the blogs Spectrum & Advindicate moves up from #4 to #1.
  2. The Ordained Women Pastors of China made me cry both times I watched it!
  3. Daily Disappointment a little piece I wrote as I reflected on the great disappointment of 1844
  4. Pastor Dwight Nelson’s Sermon “A Mighty Throng of Women: A Second Look at Male Headship” our third video is #4 this month.
  5. Donkeys, Elephants, & a Lesson Learned at Chick-Fil-A last months top post remained in the top ten this month.
  6. What U2, Bon Jovi, & AC/DC Teach Us About Church I wrote this blog more than a year ago, but my readership was much less then and so I reposted it this month & I guess enough folk hadn’t read it so it made it back into my top 10.
  7. Introducing Speiro Media Ministries thankful for the many that have supported this endeavor and praying many more will jump in!
  8. I Love Dayton one of my favorite blogs I have ever written. Probaly because of the deep nostalgia associated with this city and great love I have for Ohio/the people of Ohio and all they did for me in my life!
  9. Faster Pastor Episode #3: Training Journal Apps. This one is all about running.
  10. The Pink Slip another blog I wrote almost 2 years ago that I re-released brings up the tail of the top 10 posts for the month of October.

Faster Pastor: Episode #4: God & American Politics

Appreciated Pastor Dwight Nelson joining us today for our episode of Faster Pastor. I really resonated with much that my three other colleagues shared. I wish we could have recorded what happened after the video went off! Besides David teasing Albert for being Uncle Sam and telling folk to “Go Vote!” it was a lively discussion of four pastors that are acutely aware of the times we are living in and a desire above all else to see Jesus’ love shared with this nation, a flawed nation, but a nation we still all desperately love! Dwight had a beautiful prayer for all of us, that should be prayed over every single believer in this country–“no matter what happens Tuesday, keep us faithful to Jesus!”

You Need to Listen to Great Preachers!

What would happen if more of us listened to great preaching rather than the non-sense on the radio (for me sports talk radio)? Would we all be more edified? I’m pretty sure we would!

Thanks to modern technology most of us can take great preaching with us wherever we go through ipods, iphones, ipads, and I am sure all the other non-Apple gadgets I know nothing about (yes that was a plug for Apple:)).

Right now there is some great preaching going on and I would encourage y’all to download some and have a regular listen. Have church in your car every time you drive.

We’ll start with to me the living Dean of Preachers in Adventism:

Pastor Dwight Nelson: He brings a strong word week after week!

On the Lightbearers website you can get tons of free audio as well as lots of other great resources. Here you will hear great preachers like Pastors David Asscherick, Ty Gibson, James Rafferty, & Jeffery Rosario.

Pastor John Bradshaw will bless you through the weekly It Is Written Broadcast

You can hear a good word from Pastor Nathan Renner.

I’m sure there are many more–one I think of is Pastor Carlton Byrd (and hopefully he’ll read this and get his stuff online:))–but these are just a few I would recommend for this evening.

What about you, who would you suggest? Feel free to post the links in the comments.

1 For Every 10k

That is not a 10k race…for those runner friends out there. I am writing of 10k as in 10,000, & the 1 is representative of 1 church.

We need 1 church for every 10,000 people, to be precise we need 1 church of 200 active members for every 10,000 people. This is the conclusion many have come to, including those in the North Pacific Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. Why? Well let the folks at NPUC explain:

“A typical church of 200 active members will impact a maximum of 10k people (200 members x 50 contacts = 10k if there is no overlap).”

Now let me throw in this caveat that I believe to be absolutely 100% truth, and definitely verifiable through the stories of scripture. God could reach everyone with just 1 person. I don’t know how, but He could do it. And although that is true that is not the way God seems to work. In fact He seems to work in the way we would typically think of working, at least when it comes to numbers.

More people reach more people!

“The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.” –Matthew 9:37-38

The idea is MORE laborers MORE reaping!

So yes God could reach everyone with just 1 person, but He has chosen to use people and to call for more people to help Him in reaching everyone. Which is the very reason why the statistic above is significant. For a church to truly impact 10,000 people it must have 200 soul winners, engaged members in its midst.

In most communities where there is an Adventist church of 500 or more folk will often ask, “Why do we need another church?” It doesn’t matter if the city is 20,000, 50,000, or 100,000+. A church of 500 or more is usually quite satisfactory to folk and again people ask, “Why do we need another church?” How do I know this? Because we have recently started another church (in my mind it is a campus, but to the community it is another church) The Ark a Seventh-day Adventist Christian Church, & because there is already a significant size church in our community, The Visalia Seventh-day Adventist Church, (740 members and growing) I have heard many times, “Why  another church pastor?”

My answer is this:

Because 1 church cannot reach 125,000 people quick enough with the Adventist message (and yes I do believe in proselytizing) That is how many people there are in my city. Which would mean we need at least 12 churches of 200 soul winners to reach all 125,000+ people in our community.

What about in your community? How big is your city? Does your city have a population of 10,000 or more?

And if so…

Do you have an Adventist church? Are there 200 engaged–on fire, Jesus loving, people serving, Good News spreading–members in your church? Do you have enough churches & or enough members if your city is 20 thousand, 30 thousand, 40 thousand, 100,000, 500,000 people?

For most of you the answer will be NO!

How do I know? Because in the United States the mean size of a typical Adventist church is 215 members. That is good, except…there are only 4950 churches which in comparison to the population of the United States computes to just 1 church for every 63,267 people.

(Even if we took our total Adventist membership in the U.S. and divided it by 200 we would still only have 1 set of 200 people for every 58,900 people. Now probably wouldn’t be the right time to mention that only about half of all professed Adventists are “active” in their local churches right? Yeah that would be a much more dismal picture, so let’s at least let something be rose colored:)).

Back to our situation. In order to have 1 church for every 10k in the United States, we need 31,317 Adventist churches of at least 200 in the United States. So roughly, 26,350 more of our mean size (215) church.

So do we throw-up our hands and say impossible? Can’t be done? Do you remember that God that could reach everyone with just 1 that you were defending earlier when I was throwing-out numbers? Yes, He is still on the throne and He can very well do this! And He can very well do this through us!

Based on some quick adding and some quick math on my part. Let us state that there are about 750 churches with 300 members or more.

What if every church with at least 300 members, encouraged, taught, made a part of their culture, a membership tithe from the church. In other words if a church has 300 members they would ask 30 members to step out in faith and plant a church. If they have 400 members, 40, 500, 50…600 they plant two churches and send out two groups of 30.

What if a church such as Loma Linda University church made the decision to tithe their members. To call for 600 members to step out in faith and plant churches…what if they sent out 6 different teams of 100 to plant a church. 6 churches in 1 year. The same could be true for Pioneer Memorial Church, Pastor Dwight Nelson if he were to stand-up every year and teach every year his congregation to tithe themselves? Could they plant 3 churches of a 100 members every year? Why not? On faith they could!

Here is what I know about tithing financially. With an honest tithe I am never found in need! I believe the same would be true for our churches. If we stepped out in faith and said “we will not be satisfied with the inability to reach more people; we will not ignore the call to pray for more workers, we will actually send out more workers.”

If we were to do this, our churches would never be found wanting and the Adventist message would spread like wildfire!

Are you a Seventh-day Adventist believer? Then the above scenario is not something nice to throw around it is your calling!

“Upon ALL who believe, God has placed a burden of raising up churches.”

–Ellen G. White, Medical Ministry, p. 315





The Twitter Blessings!

  Twitter is a blessing to my life!

Why Twitter? 

Well let me share with you some reasons:

Substantive conversation and thought takes place. I know this may be hard to believe, but when a person really takes the time to think about it, a lot can be said in 140 characters.

Daily on Twitter I get links that add some value to my world. Whether it is a blog post, an article from a website, a video clip that blesses my heart; I find the Twitter users I follow process through and think about the content they are sharing with their social network. They post things because they want others to be enriched, not just simply entertained by the nonsense they find humorous.

I also find the conversations, as brief as they may be to be extremely uplifting and beneficial to my ministry, my life, and my journey as a believer.

For instance here is a poem that Ty Gibson Co-Director of Light Bearers wrote just last night about the city of Los Angeles (hope you don’t mind Ty):

Oh city that I love, city long my home; Streets all red with pain, blood-soaked as Rome.                    

City of angels, and demons too, Oh Los Angeles, my heart bleeds for you.                                           

City of lights, and darkness too, Your Savior’s Light will soon break through.                                       

And on that day, when you hear His call, your angel tears will cease to fall.

It was just a quick little thing he put together after there were some comments about Los Angeles by some of our twitter friends. It was quick, but it was a blessing to many of us, particularly those of us that have spent significant time in or around Los Angeles.

Because Twitter is primarily done from a phone, quick petitions for prayer are often responded to and followed up on in quick time. If I tweet I need prayer, without hesitation I receive tons of responses some even in the forms of prayers. 

Different folk are brought together over specific interests and community is formed. A lot of young pastors are runners and there is definitely a bond being formed between folk that have never met over the subject of running and health. It would have never happened without Twitter.

Pastors share and collaborate on ideas. There doesn’t seem to be competition in the twittersphere, but rather a collective desire to help one another out!

Pastor Dwight Nelson recently tweeted out that he was “sold” on 9 night evangelistic bursts for the local pastor to be able to pastor and still do evangelism.

Immediately David Asscherick affirmed the thought and then a bunch of guys started to ask for more details. Dwight and David both shared their models in just a few tweets, and now there will probably be dozens of young guys or even older guys out there giving these things a shot.

I have also found that Twitter has been a great place where one can be encouraged. Some of us younger guys in the ministry post thoughts, questions, stories of what we are doing. Then to have a Dwight Nelson, John Bradshaw, Shawn Boonstra, Ty Gibson, etc. chime in with their suggestions, their affirmations, their prayers is uplifting to younger folk who maybe have never had any other association with these men they have looked up to ’till they became Twitter friends.

My Twitter world is a world of celebration. We rejoice with one another over what God is doing in each other’s lives and ministries.

I don’t know what your Twittersphere is like, but mine has been a tremendous blesssing, and I thank all those that have played a part in that blessing.

May we all keep tweeting to the glory of God!

Twitter World

There are many others I could mention, but this post would then be endless. So I encourage you to go, set-up an account, and explore for yourself!

Like so many things in technology you can make Twitter whatever you want it to be. It can be used for good or for evil. I encourage you to use it for good and for fun!

My Almost Rant!

So I was going to get on here and rant about how our Adventist publishing houses were dropping the ball by not having ebooks available! But before I spouted I decided to do a quick search and I found this by Pacific Press Publishing & this by Review & Herald Publishing. So my rant is not going to be quite as intense. But I still want to rant a little. I praise the Lord that I see the church entering into the realm of ebooks, but their progression into this realm is far too slow and under marketed! 

As much as I love books in my hand and as much as I didn’t want to embrace the tablet culture I find that almost all of my reading is now done on my Kindle!  The only things I haven’t been able to read primarily on my Kindle, my Adventist literature. For those items I have to drive 45 minutes north to the nearest Adventist Book Center,  which means I’m not reading most of the new Adventist material out there. 

Every single published material of the Seventh-day Adventist church from books to magazines should be available through the kindle store, the Nook store, or whatever is the preferred reader of choice. (Pacific Press seems to be ahead of the rest on this, most of Review & Herald stuff is primarily in google book format which is cumbersome). I believe that if our publishing institutions did this then we would increase readership in many areas and spread the message much more quickly.

Let me give you two recent scenarios to illustrate my point:

Two of the preachers I appreciate most, Dwight Nelson & David Asscherick were discussing on twitter a quote by NT Wright from his book Justification. Because this book is not Adventist I knew that I could immediately go to Amazon Kindle Store and purchase that book. On the same day Pastor Dwight plugged his most recent devotional book, “The Chosen”,

If you wrote a book with a pix of God you wished the world could see, would it be shameless to ask them to read it?

Yes there is a link to amazon to buy the book. But if you went to Amazon as I am writing this you would notice that there is only one copy and it is being sold for $15 not including shipping and handling.  So if I buy it there I have to wait on it and pay almost $20 for it. Or I can drive 45 mins north and buy it at the Adventist Book Center…or maybe which is what probably quite a few folk do, they just don’t buy it.

But say that same book was available through the Kindle store like Justification is. Then if a person read that tweet of Dwight’s (and a lot of folk read those tweets: Dwight has been on twitter for a little over three weeks and he already has well over 300 followers), and being a person that uses twitter so probably also uses other techno stuff, they jump on their iphone kindle or Nook app and they immediately go to the kindle store and Download the book which is sent wirelessly to their kindle, iphone, and ipad all at once and it was for only $9.99 versus $20. Answering me this, which seems more convenient? 
Yes we won’t for a very long time completely get rid of books on paper, and indeed there are many people that don’t use any of the technology I am speaking of, but there are enough people that do use tablet readers that for us to not flood that market with our materials is just a lack of foresight and evangelistic creativity on our parts! 11% of all the United States alone have a tablet computer that is equal to 44 million people. And then think about these facts just in light of Amazon and their Kindle:

As of early 2011, Amazon had over 137 million active customers worldwide. 

110 of 111 New York Times Bestsellers are in the Kindle Store.

Amazon’s Kindle Store pays out 70% to its Direct-to-Kindle authors.

Since April 2011, for every 100 print books sold on Amazon, it’s sold 105 Kindle books.

So far this year, Amazon has sold more than three times as many Kindle books as last year.

These statistics continue to rise. It begs the question – why aren’t Adventists marketing Kindle books like crazy! What’s holding us back from our piece of the Kindle pie?

One more area where I see us getting into the e-market really benefitting our readership, and that is with the Adventist Review, and our other magazine publications. I get the Adventist World just like all other baptized SDA’s, but I would probably subscribe to the Adventist Review if I could do so through Kindle. I mean I can read, Newsweek, Fortune, & Runner’s World on my Kindle why not the Adventist Review. I was once having a conversation with Bill Knott the editor and executive publisher of AR, and he was saying to me that one of his desires is to see readership of the Church’s flagship paper up amongst the younger generations! I would say to my friend, Elder Knott, get it on the Kindle and other such devices and market it and watch the level of subcribership potentially go up!

So that is my rant!  I’m glad to see something is happening, but outside of Pacific Press, much more needs to be taking place! We should not be the tail of things, but the head!

Protests In the Streets

This post is actually from Dr. Dwight K. Nelson’s blog, “The Fourth Watch” I would encourage y’all to begin reading this blog! Since on his blog there is at this point no avenue by which to link a twitter acount or facebook, I put the post here on my blog, because I felt it was something all of us needed to read! Again all of the following is out of the brain of Pastor Dwight and not my own. If you would like to comment I would encourage y’all to comment at “The Fourth Watch”


October 7th, 2011

wallstreetprotestHere in the Fourth Watch blog we examine current trends in this nation or the world that I believe are harbingers of earth’s darkest hour (what the ancient Romans called the fourth watch) just before the sunrise of Christ’s return. And while these observations and analyses reflect my personal convictions, I am amazed at the ascendency of voices—secular as well as religious—that are warning of what lies ahead for our civilization.

Take for example the seemingly isolated street protests against Wall Street, that for three weeks now occupied Zuccotti Park in the financial district of New York, railing against corporate greed and  economic decline, and blaming US financial institutions and Wall Street for the resultant unemployment. Hundreds have been arrested. But thanks to Twitter and social media sites, the New York protests are now spreading to other cities in the nation. Students now threaten walk-outs from classes in sympathy with these protests. (Though less violent, these homeland demonstrations are not unlike the radical street protests in Athens, as Greeks have turned with vengeance on their government and the European Union for their own financial meltdown—and what now appears to be certain national bankruptcy.)

How could an isolated street protest burgeon into a national movement? Here’s’s assessment: “Occupy Wall Street is a leaderless movement made up largely of twentysomethings upset with the economy, the Afghanistan war, the environment, and the state of America and the world in general. In less than three weeks, the movement has become a magnet for countless disaffected Americans at a time when an overwhelming majority of U.S. adults say the country is on the wrong track” (

But what could morph the Occupy Wall Street protests into an apocalyptic game-changer is the announcement that labor unions are joining the movement. Responding to Twitter calls from Occupy Boston (a sister movement to the New York protests), the Massachusetts Nurses Association is joining the rally. In New York so are the Amalgamated Transit Union, the Transport Workers Union, and the United Federation of Teachers union among others. Is it possible that a nationally diminished labor movement could find new life and impetus in all of this?

How innocuous are labor unions in a Fourth Watch scenario? In a terse exposé of capitalist excesses, the Bible declares: “Now listen, you rich people, weep and wail because of the misery that is coming upon you. . . . Your gold and silver are corroded. . . . You have hoarded wealth in the last days. Look! The wages you failed to pay the workmen who mowed your fields are crying out against you. The cries of the harvesters have reached the ears of the Lord Almighty. You have lived on earth in luxury and self-indulgence. You have fattened yourselves in the day of slaughter. . . . Be patient, then, brothers and sisters, until the Lord’s coming. . . . because the Lord’s coming is near” (James 5:1-8). A day of reckoning is coming for the barons and minions of Wall Street who have made their billions at the expense of the paltry savings and investments of a once unsuspecting public. But could a sympathetic labor movement backlash into a prophetic paradigm shift? These words were in a letter written in 1904: “The trade unions will be the cause of the most terrible violence that has ever been seen among human beings” (Letter 99, 1904). Main street, Wall Street, the street protests may not be so innocuous after all.

My point: the headlines we now live through are not inconsequential to a Fourth Watch mindset, are they? NOW is the most opportune time you and I may ever have to freely share the everlasting gospel of Christ with people who need him—family members, friends, colleagues. NOW is the church’s opportunity to seize the moment, rise up and in the panoply of the Spirit’s infilling and hurry to a final civilization with the news of Jesus’ soon return. Our friend Ron Clouzet’s satellite series, “Prophecies Decoded,” to the continent couldn’t be timelier (join us this evening at 7:20). Let him, let her who has ears hear. For the rumble we hear may be the tread of an approaching God.

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