The Bleeding Trash Can

Every morning when we get in the car the boys and I pray together. Today Dayton prayed for a safe trip, a fun day, & “Amen.” He then added, “And please Daddy don’t hit the trash cans (I do sometimes) because they can bleed a lot.”

I responded with, “Dayton, trash cans don’t bleed. They are an inanimate object.”

Yes I use big words like that around my kid, his latest favorite big word is “adultery” because he has been learning the commandments and likes to tell folk how adultery means “to have more than 1 wife, because God only wants us to have 1 wife, but Laban tricked Jacob and gave two daughters. But Jacob loved Rachel not Leah. But then later he loved Leah.”

Back to my story– “Dayton, trash cans don’t bleed. They are an inanimate object.”

Dayton: “Why don’t they Daddy?”

Me: “Because only humans and animals bleed.”

Dayton (verbatim): “Dad what was the first plague God sent on Pharaoh?”

Me: “Turning water to blood.”

Dayton: “Yes Daddy water to blood.”

Me: “You’re right Dayton Moses…”

Dayton: “Not Moses Daddy, Aaron was the one that spoke to Pharaoh.”

He’s 3 years and 6 months today.

Kids will retain and process logically the things we expose them to.


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